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Want to order a Betchin Cake for your pup? 

Direct message me at @betchincakes or call me directly at 310-502-9635 & I will get back to you in 48-72 hours. 

Check out some of our favorite cakes below.

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Betchin PupCakes


Small bone PupCake | $55.00,

Medium bone PupCake  | 75.00

Large bone PupCake | $110.00

My Betchin PupCakes are made from all natural, human-grade ingredients, which include unbleached flour, eggs, baking powder, cannola oil, and brewer's yeast. They have a vanilla flavoring and a non-dairy whipped topping. There is no salt, sugar, chocolate, or any other harmful ingredients.

Betchin Pup Treats


Pick 5 for $25.00


My Betchin Pup Treats

The ingredients vary based on the style of treat. Most of my treats are made with cinnamon, chicken, or peanut butter flavor. The treats may contain the previous list of ingredients, and/or yogurt, carob, peanut butter, chicken broth, cinnamon, rice flour, whole wheat flour, and cornmeal. All safe for your doggies!! 🦴️

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